Victoria is becoming so much more independent. She doesn’t want help to do anything anymore. She likes to attempt all things by herself, and will continue to achieve everything alone. And after about a million tries if she sees she needs help, she just calls out ‘mama’. 

That’s why I’m here baby girl. 



some days are all about papa. While others are for only mama. And some are about papa and mama. 

And this day was all about her mama. 

Mama needs to hold her,

Mama need to carry her,

Mama need to feed her,

Mama needs to give her all the attention, 

Mama needs to talk to her,

Mama needs to look at her, 

Mama needs to cuddle her,

Mama needs to hold her hand. 

No one can look at her while she’s with me, and no one can take her away. Even papa gets the cold shoulder. Because today was all about mama

… and that’s just fine with me 

Breakfast Ideas 

Being national nutrition month I thought I’d share a breakfast idea that I’ve been loving for Victoria lately. 

At a recent trip to whole foods, I finally found these Earths Best Organic Mini Waffles. I’ve been hunting these down and I was so exciting to finally get my hands on them. Plus they were buy one get one free which was the icing on the cake. I picked out the home style and blueberry packs. I put them into the toaster, and paired her waffles with stonyfield blueberry yogurt, and diced mangos. 

Victoria isn’t much of a picky eater and will try just about anything on her plate. And as a mommy on the go, I love these quick to grab and make waffles for breakfast. They’re made with 100% whole grains, and are USDA organic which is extremely important to me. I reccomend these to all mommies! 

Comment below if you’d like more post like these. 

Thank you 💕


as a mother, there are a million things running through my mind a day. What to cook for dinner, how much laundry needs to get done, and many more thoughts along those lines. 

One thing that helps me unwind and relax my mind and sort my thoughts is definitely yoga. I’ve been going yoga classes for a while now and it’s one of the most relaxing things I’ve done in a long time. I’ve been into yoga for a couple years but never went to actual classes only followed Instagram yoga pages or videos on YouTube. Being in a class is compelety different experience and way more educational. But when I’m unable to go to classes for whatever reason, I like to practice at home. Mainly in the mornings.

I encourage all women and men to take sometime in there day to meditate and ease the mind and body. 

Xo Jesse 

Allergic Reactions suck,

As a first time mommy, I go through a lot of first.

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And taking Victoria to a night lite Drs office for an emergency was a first.
I know I’m mentioned before about Victoria having sensitive skin. We came to realize this after using johnson and johnsons baby powder. She got a bunch of red dots but very mild. At the moment I didn’t know what it was, so when I took her to her first dr visit I asked her and she told me it was just a heat rash. ( we changed Drs office soon after). We came to realize she only got the red dots when we used baby powder on her. We used only up and up baby powder by target and it worked great with her skin. A few days ago we went ahead and bought publix brand rushing and didn’t notice the bottom said ‘ingredients similar to johnsons and johnsons’. I noticed the red dots at night before her shower which I found very weird. I decided to not put the baby powder just because it was the only ‘new’ product we had used. The following morning they weren’t as bad, but as mid day came they began to spread into her face and became larger and brighter. Her father was at work, and we decided to take her to night lite, which is 10 minutes from our house. My sister came with me for moral support. It took about 20-30 minutes to go into the room. And Victoria was just fine until she saw the nurses and doctor. She scream, and yelled and cried and clamped onto me. The doctor recommended a medicine to help her sleep, he said it would make her dizzy but it won’t be a problem. Which really annoyed me. He left the room and a nurse came in with a shot, and said if she’s ready. I asked what it was and she used a big word which I didn’t understand, and the she said “it’s a steroid” which was a huge red flag and I said “I’m not giving my daughter a steroid”. She looked at me crazy and then left the room to get the doctor. When he came in he had the same crazy look on his face and asked how come I didn’t want to give her the steroid, and I told him exactly why. He said the steroid was to help control her itching. Which annoyed be because I specifically said she had no itching. My daughter rubs her tummy when she’s hungry, she pats her pamper when she does a number 2, and she rubs her arm or leg when she had a booboo. I know if my daughter was itching because she would have been itching. I knew she did NOT need no steroid nor medicine to make her drowsy. While leaving everyone looked at me all crazy. My sister read up on other mothers who’s children had the same thing and said calamine lotion did the trick! I took Victoria home and showered her in plain warm water, no soap. And then I put the lotion all over until it dried off, then put on her pajamas and by the next morning the rash was down 50%. By bed time it was 100% clear.

Always do your own research, you don’t have to do exactly what the doctors tell you. It’s your child and you know best!

It’s been too long

It’s been too long since I just sat down and wrote. So here we go…


I’m in awe with how quickly the first month of the new year as came and gone. I feel like I don’t have enough time in one day to achieve everything that I have planned in my mind. There is a billion things I’d love to do to Victorias room, yet I’m held back with not knowing when we will move into a new home. And how long that will take. Victoria has officially her own crib which I’m thinking of turning into a toddler bed soon, when she takes up around 7 she screams for ‘mama’ and ‘papa’ until we come for the rescue. I know a lot of people are quick to judge another parents judgement and way of raising there child, but its MY CHILD.

Victoria has been doing so well developing into a toddler. She’s learning many words, her new one being ‘Agua’ (water) and ‘puppy’ or ‘wow wow’. I’m very proud of her. And her two bottom teeth are completely out and chewing every single thing. V has always had a big appetite and always tried new things. Her favorite as of always is her avocados, sweet potatoes and peas.

Today we had a few errands to run, and got done pretty quickly and decided to take v to the new park that opened by our home. It was gorgeous, v was running everywhere and thrilled to go down the slide all by herself. Brave little rascal. For some reason the last time we put her in a swing she was frightened, thank god that fear was concord today. Only smiles and giggles.

I’d love suggestions on what you’d like to see from me 🙂

Enjoy, xo