V the Kitty


Shirt: h&m Pants: carters Shoes: H&M Headband: Zara Kids

I’m so excited about sharing this outfit, because I am obsessed !

Sunday was a family FUNDAY for us, and we went to fun spot ! If you don’t know what fun spot is, it’s some what like a carnival with rides and funnel cake but all year round. They have a children’s ride area, and we were hoping Victoria would be able to ride a few things. But once we actually got there I got nervous. I felt like she would try to get off the rides in the middle of the cars moving, so the only ride she actually went on what the tall big slides. She went once with me on my lap, and then once with her father. Surprisingly she wasn’t a tad bit scared, and really enjoyed it and cracked up once we got to the bottom! It was so precious to see her excitement.


This day was a little bit chilly, with a little bit of sun. I knew I wanted to put her new kitty ears headband on, so I revolved her outfit around it. Her scarf is actually one of mines, it’s really old. I don’t get much use out of it so I cut it to a size that fit V. And I love how she actually kept it on the whole time, didn’t even noticed she had it on. It was too cute!

I love dressing V up, it’s so much fun having a little girl !


I’m a little late


Happy New Year ! (Sorry I’m late)
I haven’t been able to post much because not much has been going on. I’ve been a bit busy, and not putting a lot of outfits together for V ! But I promise a lot of amazing things will be coming. Once this month comes to an end I’ll be posting much more often then last year. And hopefully you’ll loves the content ❤️ I’ll love to hear on what you’d like to see come to the blog? Outfit of the days, mommy and me outfits, stories, and questions you may want me to answer? Anything. Please leave a comment below, I’d love to respond to them.

Hope the year is going well so far
Xo Jesse