V’s first hair cut & Tips


Yesterday was Victorias first hair cut, I’m happy to say it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. Her hair cut came out so beautiful and even. V is a year old now and even through her hair grows at a pretty great speed it was growing unevenly. There’s not specific age when you should cut a babies hair, I say it’s all up to the parents. Most parents do decide on the one year mark. I wanted to go on and share 5 tips on how to prepare for this big day !

1. Find a children’s hair salon the stylist will have much more patience with your child, and know how to distract them. It is still a possibility your child will cry just because he/she is a bit confused. Childrens salons also have TVs most of the time to help keep them looking straight.

2. Schedule the appointment after nap time make sure to have them in the best mood possible, by taking a nap before hand and even on a full belly. Children are more likely to be joyful and friendly when they have been rested and fed.

3. CANDY I’m not one to give my daughter any candy but in this case I went ahead and allowed her to have a tiny lollipop, it kept her most focussed on the candy then on the clippers.

4. Have A Camera you don’t want to miss this special moment. Bring a camera and make sure to take a before and after, and the reaction to your baby. Some shops even give you a certificate and a lock of the hair, have some one snap a photo of your family and baby holding it up.

5. Be Firm About What You Want don’t allow the stylist to change your mind about what style of hair you want your baby to have. If you have a girl and don’t want bangs make sure to stay firm and let them know. Or if you just want a trim on your son, don’t let them talk you into a Mohawk. You make the decision not the stylist.

I hope those tips help when it comes time for your tip to the hair salon with your babies. If you’d like to share some more tips leave them in the comments for other mommies and daddies to see.

Hope you enjoy, xo


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