Spring in December

If you did not know, we live in central Florida. Our winter is more of 74 degree weather. We are still is dressed and sandals in December, so because of the hot weather I dress V appropriate for how it is that day.


On this December day, it’s a bit cloudy but still quit warm. I’ve been dying to put this top by baby gap on V and finally it fits ! So I took advantage and just went for it, babies grow so quickly you just need to take advantage of outfits that fit at that moment before they grow and then lose the chance in seeing them in it. The top is a floral top, mixed with pastels of light corals and lilacs. Along with her top, the shirt has a matching hat, with the same concept of the short with the flowers.
Her jeans are by carters, it’s a light denim wash, there Black Friday sales were amazing !


Well I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments if you’d like to see anything specific. God bless, xo


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