IMG_3024-0.JPGWe have officially entered the last month of the year. And to be honest, it makes me pretty sad knowing that I’ll never return to the first year of my daughters life. The year she mad so many milestones, and adventures. To a year were my my honey and I became even closer, and fell more in love. This year is at its end.

Ending November was surreal because I was hoping we kinda just stayed there. Victoria is officially a one year old, walking and even saying a couple of words. She’s becoming so independent every single day, by wanting to do things all on her own with no help at all. It’s amazing how quickly time flew by and poof they’re not babies any more. And yes she still needs me for a lot of things, but slowly but surely she’s achieved so many things alone it makes me such a proud mama bear. The way she smiles for no reason at all, and giggles over anything. The way she screams “mommyyyyyy” and when she finds me she walks as quickly as possible holds on to both of my legs for dear life, kisses my leg, looks up at me and giggles.

To know my little girl will never be this little again.

Then on the other hand, I’m filled with joy and excitement because my daughter is getting bigger ! She’s going to be full on talking and running and playing dress up ! And helping me bake some brownies and cookies. She’ll be dancing and singing in the car with me, and sooner or later will be on our way to preschool. Okay I’m going a little a head of my self. BUT I’m excited for what motherhood has coming up for me. It’s a thrill to know I get to experience life through my daughter all over again, and be able to guide her through it all along side her Prince Charming ( papa – dada ). It’s going to only get better and better from here on out and I can not wait to see my little girl grown even more beautiful and smarter then what she already is.

I’m one very proud mother to Victoria.


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