V’s Outfit


Dress: Jillians Closet – Sandals: Gymboree

Another hot winter day in Florida ( hot and winter shouldn’t go together ). This night we were on our way to dinner, and wanted to dress her up a bit. I dressed Victoria in this beautiful lace pastel dress, which was a gift to V for her first birthday by her auntie KiKi. I love how light weight the dress it, and the detail on the neck and shoulder is gorgeous. Her shoes are by Gymboree, a gold flat. Which reminds me so much of Cinderella for some reason. But I love them, and they fit just right, so I want to get as much use as I can !




Things have changed,

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/58e/72020433/files/2014/12/img_3986.jpgGrowing up as a child, the most exciting thing for me was eating a huge feast and then getting to open our gives on Christmas Eve (a Hispanic thing). We waiting until real late to begin to open gift, and I remember being so happy and my heart racing of excitement to know what I received !

But now that I have my daughter, it’s stopped being about gifts. It’s stopped being about how many things I received and if I was given all the things I had asked for. It’s become more about lighting up my daughter faces. Last year she was a month and a half so we opened everything up. This year she was much more involved, ripping her gifts up and having joy written all over her face. The holidays to me means much more, it’s about teaching my daughter the importance of family, love, and appreciating everything you had before you opened gifts. About coming together for family traditions. I could never receive a gift again for Christmas, because all that matters to me is begin able to create a memorable, loving, and blessed childhood for my daughter.

I’m extremely happy to say this Christmas was a success, and I’m already looking forward to next year to see much how Victoria has grown, and being able to continue and maybe even start new traditions. I hope everyone had a safe holiday season, your healthy is well, and your stomachs are full. Xo Jesse

Snowing & Shopping

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/58e/72020433/files/2014/12/img_3702.jpgWe are getting closer and closer to the end of December, and winter has yet to start. It’s still warm with a light breeze, all you really need is a sweater. We spent the morning finishing off our Christmas shopping, the malls were full of so many people and the lines were pretty long. This is the first year I actually finished all my Christmas shopping before Christmas Day, because I can be a procrastinator. Then at night we headed over to Celebration, Fl. A beautiful little town with everything you need inside. Right in the middle of town you’ll find a big shopping center along with many different type of diners and restaurants. All of the month of December you can go from 6-10 to see the snow fall every hour. It may not be your usual snow but it’s definitely fun for kids and it’s also looks very beautiful. Victoria really enjoyed seeing the snow fall down, and attempted to blow the snow away and giggled the entire time. Lots been a tradition with my family and I’m so happy to continue it along with my boyfriend and daughter. Log onto YouTube and find my channel: Mommyandv Daily – to see a video of all these activities from yesterday.

Victorias outfit: Sweater H&M Skirt GAP Shoes H&M

V’s first hair cut & Tips


Yesterday was Victorias first hair cut, I’m happy to say it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. Her hair cut came out so beautiful and even. V is a year old now and even through her hair grows at a pretty great speed it was growing unevenly. There’s not specific age when you should cut a babies hair, I say it’s all up to the parents. Most parents do decide on the one year mark. I wanted to go on and share 5 tips on how to prepare for this big day !

1. Find a children’s hair salon the stylist will have much more patience with your child, and know how to distract them. It is still a possibility your child will cry just because he/she is a bit confused. Childrens salons also have TVs most of the time to help keep them looking straight.

2. Schedule the appointment after nap time make sure to have them in the best mood possible, by taking a nap before hand and even on a full belly. Children are more likely to be joyful and friendly when they have been rested and fed.

3. CANDY I’m not one to give my daughter any candy but in this case I went ahead and allowed her to have a tiny lollipop, it kept her most focussed on the candy then on the clippers.

4. Have A Camera you don’t want to miss this special moment. Bring a camera and make sure to take a before and after, and the reaction to your baby. Some shops even give you a certificate and a lock of the hair, have some one snap a photo of your family and baby holding it up.

5. Be Firm About What You Want don’t allow the stylist to change your mind about what style of hair you want your baby to have. If you have a girl and don’t want bangs make sure to stay firm and let them know. Or if you just want a trim on your son, don’t let them talk you into a Mohawk. You make the decision not the stylist.

I hope those tips help when it comes time for your tip to the hair salon with your babies. If you’d like to share some more tips leave them in the comments for other mommies and daddies to see.

Hope you enjoy, xo

Spring in December

If you did not know, we live in central Florida. Our winter is more of 74 degree weather. We are still is dressed and sandals in December, so because of the hot weather I dress V appropriate for how it is that day.


On this December day, it’s a bit cloudy but still quit warm. I’ve been dying to put this top by baby gap on V and finally it fits ! So I took advantage and just went for it, babies grow so quickly you just need to take advantage of outfits that fit at that moment before they grow and then lose the chance in seeing them in it. The top is a floral top, mixed with pastels of light corals and lilacs. Along with her top, the shirt has a matching hat, with the same concept of the short with the flowers.
Her jeans are by carters, it’s a light denim wash, there Black Friday sales were amazing !


Well I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments if you’d like to see anything specific. God bless, xo


IMG_3024-0.JPGWe have officially entered the last month of the year. And to be honest, it makes me pretty sad knowing that I’ll never return to the first year of my daughters life. The year she mad so many milestones, and adventures. To a year were my my honey and I became even closer, and fell more in love. This year is at its end.

Ending November was surreal because I was hoping we kinda just stayed there. Victoria is officially a one year old, walking and even saying a couple of words. She’s becoming so independent every single day, by wanting to do things all on her own with no help at all. It’s amazing how quickly time flew by and poof they’re not babies any more. And yes she still needs me for a lot of things, but slowly but surely she’s achieved so many things alone it makes me such a proud mama bear. The way she smiles for no reason at all, and giggles over anything. The way she screams “mommyyyyyy” and when she finds me she walks as quickly as possible holds on to both of my legs for dear life, kisses my leg, looks up at me and giggles.

To know my little girl will never be this little again.

Then on the other hand, I’m filled with joy and excitement because my daughter is getting bigger ! She’s going to be full on talking and running and playing dress up ! And helping me bake some brownies and cookies. She’ll be dancing and singing in the car with me, and sooner or later will be on our way to preschool. Okay I’m going a little a head of my self. BUT I’m excited for what motherhood has coming up for me. It’s a thrill to know I get to experience life through my daughter all over again, and be able to guide her through it all along side her Prince Charming ( papa – dada ). It’s going to only get better and better from here on out and I can not wait to see my little girl grown even more beautiful and smarter then what she already is.

I’m one very proud mother to Victoria.