At this moment last year, I was having strong contractions. I was in so much pain, and your father was recording me thinking I was a drama queen. They got worse and worse and closer and closer. Until at 2am, I couldn’t handle the pain. I asked your father to take me to the hospital because they were less then 10 minutes apart, and to the point when I got a contraction I couldn’t speak. Your father grabbed the diaper bag, and walked me to the car. Before I even entered the labor room I signed the epidural papers, because I thought I was going to die (okay I’m a drama queen) no but really. 12 hours later, my doctor gave me the green light to start pushing at only 7 cm dialated, because your heart beat dropped to the 30-40s. Then my heart stopped, the umbilical corded was wrapped around your neck TWICE. I had the most amazing doctors whom kept me calm, and assured me everything was going to be okay.I prayed… Then I heard the most beautiful cry in the world, yours. You were placed into my arms at 6 lbs. hairy and pale. You were beautiful, and mines. I stared at your father and I felt a rush of happiness, to know you arrived healthy into this world. As perfect as a baby could be. I never experienced such a rush go through my body to know you were in my arms. Seeing the look on your fathers face when he first saw you, a man falling in love with his daughter.

We are blessed to have you Victoria, your our blessing.

Today we celebrate your life. We will give you the best birthday, and the most hugs and kisses. To make you feel special because you deserve the best in life. Daddy and I love you more then words can describe. To many more birthday celebrations ❤️


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