Foxy Faux Fur


The moment that I saw this faux fur vest at target I knew she needed it for this trip to New York ❤️

I got it in a size 2T, which is the smallest I believe, and even though it’s a little big I can still use it for next years autumn season ! Underneath the denim shirt ( baby boys section in h&m ) I layered her in a white long sleeve shirt since it was chilly out ! She was super comfortable in this outfit, which is what I like to go for when I’m dressing her up !


She was very much in a walking mood today, and did so well even with her Moccs on. We took her into the Disney store, and she was going b a n a n a s. She pushed herself down from my arms and started to walk towards everything. When we handed her a toy she’d be in aw, until she saw another toy and then fell in love all over again, and again .. and again.


Lately she’s been completely hooked on ‘Mickey Mouse Club House’ and got excited when she saw a stuffed Mickey ! She grabbed him and didn’t let go. Along with Mickey, she uncles bought her FROZEN which is her first Disney DVD movie. They got her a Olaf sippy cup too ! Honestly I could spend all day inside the Disney store because I was falling in love with everything myself.

Having a little girl is way tooo much fun.


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