Mickey Mouse

We have arrived safe and sounds to New York !

The plane ride was definitely something I was nervous about, since the time of our flight, are the hours V is usually awake. Thank the lord she actually managed to sleep for a little over an hour. The arrival day was very relaxing and allowed us to get situated.

Day 2: I woke up at 8am and wasn’t able to return to bed since our hour was pulled back ! V woke up at 9, and the weather looks beautiful, so I bundled her up put on her Mickey Mouse ears and we went for a walk. The sky was a light grey, a light breeze, with gorgeous leaves everywhere you turned. I loved it, V didn’t freak out about the cold at all. She was actually more interested in placing with all the vibrant leafs. She is really enjoying herself and that’s what I wanted to see.
Vs grandmother took her on a shopping trip to the mall, and she was so tired ( we forgot the stroller back where we are staying ) I ended up carrying her through out the mall. Which I haven’t done in a long time, but it made me feel happy in a sense because she needed me.


This trip is definitely one I don’t want her to forget. It’s special in so many ways. Seeing her family and begin a more active baby. And it’s the last days she’ll spend as a baby before being O N E. Plus it’s her first time experiencing true autumn weather. I know a lot of people say oh she won’t remember. And I know that, on the other hand I take it upon myself to take all the pictures of every single moment to capture her expressions so when she’s older she will remember.



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