What’s in V’s Diaper Bag: Travel Edition

Since we will be going on our second plane ride with Victoria, I have more knowledge on what she needs and won’t need. The first time around I packed a little bit too excessive, even though they say it’s better to be over prepared then under packed, I was wayyyyy too overpacked that her diaper bag was too heavy.

We will be heading to NYC, two hour plane ride, on Saturday and wanted to share what I’ll be packing for her ! Hopefully this can help you mommies who will be flying your littlest.

(bag packed for a soon to be one year old)

• two baby bottles ( holds 9oz )
• three pre made formula
• sippy cup
• Dr. Browns bottle wipes
• Desitin cream
• pack of pampers sensitive wipes
• five diapers
• nose tissues
• child rubber spoon
• bib
• face towels
• her favorite toys
• changing mat
• extra pants, and shirt
• hand sanitizer
• security blanket ( won’t sleep without )
• snacks
• fluffy blanket

To some people this might not be enough, to others it might be too much. But it’s just enough for my little girl.

tell me in the comments some of your littles must haves when traveling ?


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