My mind is going to explode

There are so many things happening towards the end of the year my mind doesn’t know which thing to stress about first. Tomorrow I have to run errands, and shop for some cold weather appropriate clothing for V since we leave to nyc on Saturday. But before that is Halloween, I have so much packing to do, I don’t even plan on dressing up this year. Which actually makes me sad to be honest. I’ve always loved Halloween, it’s probably my favorite holiday. There’s just too many things I need to get done that night I prefer to just be in comfortable clothes.

New York should be loads of fun, even though V is still too small I know she’ll enjoy being around her family in a different environment. Another reason I love being in ny is hearing all the stores my boyfriend tells me of his childhood. It brings such a big grin on his face telling me about his favorite pizza joints, or stories of him in high school. Seeing him back in his ‘comfort zone’ melts my heart, almost as I’m seeing the little boy inside him. He’s such a happy soul around his cousins and aunts and uncles. I love to sit back and just watch him. (Like a creep)

After our little vacation, which ends the 9th, we’ll be coming home to even M O R E errands. Lots of last minute prepping for my munchkins big birthday celebration. Just thinking about how overjoyed my little girl will be, makes me tear up. We will have a super long day, to follow up with her year doctors appointment. Which also lands on my bffs birthday as well (like I said busy busy month). My mother in law will also be here for my daughters birthday which means will have little adventures here and there while she’s in town.

My mind is running around and around, it feels like the days don’t have enough hours to accomplish what I need. Plus being a mother makes things even tougher. V is trying to walk and run at the same time, so I have to have a microscope on her every second of the day. The moment she takes a nap, I sit down for a second, take a breath, and then rush to do whatever it is I can do be for she screams ‘Mommmyyyy’. <— yes she calls me mommy now.


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