A Spoon Full

Today I decided to allow Victoria to feed her self. Which went remarkably well for an 11 month old. For dinner I shredded grill chicken, guacamole, and yellow rice and placed it in a round plastic bowl. I pulled her high chair toward the dinner table, and began by placing her spoon in her hand. I was a little unsure about which hand is her dominant so I went for her right hand. I demonstrated how to pick up food with her spoon by holding the arm that held the spoon, and after two tries she began to get the flow of things. It took about 45 minutes to finish but it was quiet remarkable to see my little girl learning so quickly. After she placed the food in her mouth she let her spoon rest in her mouth forgetting she actually needs to scoop the plate for food to reach her mouth. I’d remind her and then she was back on track. Towards the end when the food was becoming more difficult to pick up she decided to throw the spoon and go right in with both hands. I found it very amusing, even when she tried to throw chicken at me. Once she finished, she clapped and I could tell she was very proud of herself. And so was I.


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