Jumbo Chalk

After spending a couple days in side after a long weekend, we decided to step out side. My honey was off so we took a stroll around the neighborhood, and then let Victoria ride a bike (Her legs were too short so we just pushed her around ). I loved seeing her huge smile when her daddy pushed her around the drive away. She very much enjoyed it, and wasn’t even a tad bit scared. Earlier on in the day I found some jumbo chalk in our garage and found it perfect to see if she’ll try to scribble or attempt to eat it like she does with crayons.

I handed her the white chalk and at first took a real long stare, observing what it was she was holding. Then as she saw me scribble on the driveway she began to copy my movement. She noticed that she was leaving marks all over her leg with the chalk and broke out in a loud giggle ! She enjoyed coloring all over her legs, and I just sat back and allowed her to. Her smile just simply lights up my heart. And to think in less then 40 days my baby will be 1 year old.


The next activity I’d like to try out is painting with her. That shall be fun



2 thoughts on “Jumbo Chalk

  1. Ah! I was wondering about chalks! I tried egg shaped crayons and that was a fail, she didn’t car for them. On the other hand she picks up a pencil and love to scribble! I am just afraid she will poke herself by accident so I got her crayons. I was thinking of trying chalks, now you inspired me to do so. Dollar store here we come:) thanks!


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