Planning your child’s first birthday party !

I am super excited to be planning my daughters first birthday party on November 12th ! The planning up to this day can be exciting yet frustrating. I wanted to share some tips I’m going by to help make it more enjoyable then stressful.

My nephew at his first birthday party !

Planning Ahead
I’ve been mentally planning my daughters birthday since the day she was born ! That might be to early but I suggest at least 3 months ahead. To get the cake made, if your ordering special decorations, or renting a place. You don’t want to wait last minute. In my case will be out of town until two days before her birthday so I’m making sure everything is ready the week before we leave town.

Find a budget
Find a budget and stick to it! Make a list of what you need and a list of what you can make yourself rather then spend money on. I’m planning on making my daughters cake topper rather then spending 35$ on one. Pinterest has a bunch of DIY for baby’s birthday I recommend you check out !

Pick a Location
If having too many people at your house stresses you out, try a back yard party, local park, or your neighborhood community center ! Some places like theme parks or zoos work out awesome and are perfect for the children to enjoy.

Personally instead of going for one specific character theme, I decided to go for a color theme. Which can also put more focus onto the child then a bunch of Cinderella balloons , plates, napkins, and hats.

This one is hard for me, because I personally love to be behind the camera but because it is my daughters 1st birthday I don’t want to miss out being IN the photos. Ask a friend, or a family member. Even hiring a professional who you can capture every single moment from decorations, people who attended, and of course the moment your baby smashes the cake !

Enjoy yourself
Allow yourself to relax and take it all in. Your little baby is turning into a 1 year old ! And soon they will be talking, and running everywhere. Take it all in and allow yourself to soak it all in with your little baby !

– I hope some of these tips help you out on planning your special day ! It’s what’s been helping me on planning my daughters birthday and they’ve come in handy. Thank you and hope you enjoy xo


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