Early Present

I am super excited that I got the new iPhone 6 ! My boyfriend told me a week before the release that if I wanted the new iPhone then he’d get it for me. So on the 19th, which was the day of the release, we went to a not so busy t mobile around 5am and waited in line until opening which was 8am. We ended up being the first people there and soon after more people arrived. I believe there wasn’t more then probably 40 people in line ( maybe less ) when the doors opened. I wanted the 6 not the 6 plus because I have tiny hands, it simply wouldn’t work for me. And even though the plus had a ‘better’ camera that didn’t make me want it just because I shoot with my dslr if I want a great quality picture I’ll prefer my canon. My honey got the 6 plus for himself, but preordered at the store because they didn’t receive any of the plus phones. Apparently a near by Apple Store didn’t recieve them either, and a nearby at&t only got 3.


Other then that I love the size of the phone, the thinness, the all black color, and my favorite part is that it’s a rounded off side rather then the square models. The roundness reminds me so much of the first iPhone Apple came out with and I love it this way. Now I am just waiting until some more cases come out for the iPhone 6 because they had a very limited amount and none that I liked very much. So yes !
If you guys got the new iPhone I’d like to know how you like it !


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