Neons in Autumn

I haven’t dressed V up in a while so I got excited for this outfit. We started our day pretty late, around noon. V was up until 12 last night all giggly and playing and jumping on her daddy. We didn’t mind though, the sleepier she gets sometimes the funnier she gets. After our late breakfast we didn’t have much planned other then going out for dinner and then heading to watch my nephew at basketball practice.

We went to eat at one of our favorite places, Tijuana Flatz. If you haven’t heard of it and live in the south you need to try it out ! It’s amazing TexMex food. V loves anything chicken, rice and guacamole. She’ll eat what ever Justin and I eat. We get a mix of bowls, quesadillas, or chimichangas. She has a habit of pointing if she likes something, and if she doesn’t she sticks her tongue out and spits. ( trying to stop that bad habit ) it used to be cute.

She had on this neon yellow shirt matched my a printed floral shorts. And my favorite part of all is her hair ! I took out some hair from the front and swept them to the side and made little pigtails into buns on both side on the back section of hair. I love seeing her hair this way, reminds me a little bit of the spice girls ! And who doesn’t love the spice girls ?!

And afterwards we headed to the practice but of course one minute the sun is shining and the next a thunderstorm. It was cut short and we ended up at my sisters for a while. And there is a family photo lol.

Enjoy xo


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