Days at the park

Today was a simple day at the park for just my daughter and I. Daddy needed time alone quiet time at home studying for a big test which in other words we got kicked out politely. I decided going to the park would be perfect so I can have her worn out for a looooong nap when we got back home. Victoria is such a character, ever time she saw a baby and would attempt to say baby. And when we saw a ball she screamed ‘ba’ and pointed in excitement.

When taking her to the park before during the summer it was so hectic, kids all over the place of all ages running and screaming. But today was peaceful considering all the kids are back to school from summer vacation. We got to the park around 1 and stayed until around 2:30. The sun the blazing hot, which tired her out quickly. She was all zzz’s on our car ride home.

( photos taken with iphone )
Computer broke 😦










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