Early Present

I am super excited that I got the new iPhone 6 ! My boyfriend told me a week before the release that if I wanted the new iPhone then he’d get it for me. So on the 19th, which was the day of the release, we went to a not so busy t mobile around 5am and waited in line until opening which was 8am. We ended up being the first people there and soon after more people arrived. I believe there wasn’t more then probably 40 people in line ( maybe less ) when the doors opened. I wanted the 6 not the 6 plus because I have tiny hands, it simply wouldn’t work for me. And even though the plus had a ‘better’ camera that didn’t make me want it just because I shoot with my dslr if I want a great quality picture I’ll prefer my canon. My honey got the 6 plus for himself, but preordered at the store because they didn’t receive any of the plus phones. Apparently a near by Apple Store didn’t recieve them either, and a nearby at&t only got 3.


Other then that I love the size of the phone, the thinness, the all black color, and my favorite part is that it’s a rounded off side rather then the square models. The roundness reminds me so much of the first iPhone Apple came out with and I love it this way. Now I am just waiting until some more cases come out for the iPhone 6 because they had a very limited amount and none that I liked very much. So yes !
If you guys got the new iPhone I’d like to know how you like it !


Neons in Autumn

I haven’t dressed V up in a while so I got excited for this outfit. We started our day pretty late, around noon. V was up until 12 last night all giggly and playing and jumping on her daddy. We didn’t mind though, the sleepier she gets sometimes the funnier she gets. After our late breakfast we didn’t have much planned other then going out for dinner and then heading to watch my nephew at basketball practice.

We went to eat at one of our favorite places, Tijuana Flatz. If you haven’t heard of it and live in the south you need to try it out ! It’s amazing TexMex food. V loves anything chicken, rice and guacamole. She’ll eat what ever Justin and I eat. We get a mix of bowls, quesadillas, or chimichangas. She has a habit of pointing if she likes something, and if she doesn’t she sticks her tongue out and spits. ( trying to stop that bad habit ) it used to be cute.

She had on this neon yellow shirt matched my a printed floral shorts. And my favorite part of all is her hair ! I took out some hair from the front and swept them to the side and made little pigtails into buns on both side on the back section of hair. I love seeing her hair this way, reminds me a little bit of the spice girls ! And who doesn’t love the spice girls ?!

And afterwards we headed to the practice but of course one minute the sun is shining and the next a thunderstorm. It was cut short and we ended up at my sisters for a while. And there is a family photo lol.

Enjoy xo

It’s true what they say,

Time really does fly by. Children grow up so quickly that you don’t even realize there 1st birthday is right around the corner. Victoria just turned 10 months and it’s unbelievable, she’s crawling, taking small steps, feeds herself snacks, waves hello and goodbye, and even says a couple of words. Her favorite word ‘baby’. It’s such a thrill so look back at old pictures of the day she was born or even when we found out it was a girl ! Everything has gone by so quickly, and even though it saddens me that my little baby girl won’t always be this little, I’m thrilled to see her grow and learn and see more of whom she’ll become. And I get to be front row to see her in all her journeys.

I wanted to share one of my favorite pictures of V, she was about four months old in her car seat. Wearing a pink faux fur sweater ! Enjoy xo


Days at the park

Today was a simple day at the park for just my daughter and I. Daddy needed time alone quiet time at home studying for a big test which in other words we got kicked out politely. I decided going to the park would be perfect so I can have her worn out for a looooong nap when we got back home. Victoria is such a character, ever time she saw a baby and would attempt to say baby. And when we saw a ball she screamed ‘ba’ and pointed in excitement.

When taking her to the park before during the summer it was so hectic, kids all over the place of all ages running and screaming. But today was peaceful considering all the kids are back to school from summer vacation. We got to the park around 1 and stayed until around 2:30. The sun the blazing hot, which tired her out quickly. She was all zzz’s on our car ride home.

( photos taken with iphone )
Computer broke ūüė¶









Autumn Bucket List

Autumn is now here and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s by far my favorite time of year, and now it’s time for my little family to start some traditions. I’m thrilled to make this family and friends bucket list in hopes to accomplish them all. Here are some old favorites and some new activities I hope to do this 2014 Autumn season.

baking goodies ( cake, cupcakes, brownies )
try new coffee shops
fall photo shoots
bon fires
watch basketball opening night
fall crafts
photo album
eat candy apples
host a scary movie night
roast s’mores
visit a pumpkin patch
carve pumpkins
finger paint
try a new Starbucks coffee
making homemade hot chocolate
make Halloween costumes
go trick or treating
buy fall candles
go on a hay ride
eat everything at thanksgiving
give my daughter the best 1st birthday party
wine tasting
wear pea coats
a trip to New York City
picnic at the park
celebrate my bffs 21st
buy big cozy sweaters
enjoy the weather

List below some of your Autumn BucketList !