Watermelon&Mango Juice


With Labor Day right around the corner I wanted to share the perfect hot-weather drink to quench your thirst. From kid friendly, to spiking it a tad bit for the adults it’s perfect to end the summer off with.

I’m using measurements that work with my nutribullet, which is about 24oz.

Watermelon & Mango Juice

Serves 2

1 1/2 cups of watermelon
1 cup of frozen mango
1 cup of ice
1 lime wedge

Into a blender put in all of your ingredients minus the lime wedge. Blend for at leased 2 minutes. Serve into cups with ice and add your lime wedge to the cup.

Side Note:

If making a batch and storing in the fridge, make sure to mix with a spoon before serving.

If you try it out please let me know, if love to hear from you all. xo


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