Victorias Outfit,

Greek Goddess


So I haven’t dressed up Victoria much in the past couple days due to rainy days which caused us to stay inside in our pajamas. Finally the sun was out and it was perfect to dress little miss V. A few post back I did a review on

Love in bundles

headbands. One which I already styled my daughter in, the floral one. And then I had a gold leaf halo that I had yet to style. Going with the gold look, I paired her headband with a bright yellow skirt from last summers carters collection. Her top is a thin layered lace top I got on sale at H&M recently which I love for the hot days because of how light weight it is. The shoes have already been seen before, the jelly with a puff ball on the ends. Which has yellow polka dots so it went pretty well with her whole outfit! And for the accessories, I recently received an order I made from

June and Penny

. It’s three lovely bracelets in all gold, all black, and a mix of gold, black and pearls. I’m completely in love there so gorgeous ! And there it, I hope everyone enjoys these outfits of the days of my little princess. X







2 thoughts on “Victorias Outfit,

  1. She’s adorable !
    I saw headbands like that in my town during a festival.
    They are made buy an italien. It’s oliver leafs crowns.
    I hesitated to buy one for fun. But my little one is a boy.
    Now i regret to not did it, the guy is gone. It would be so fun even for a boy.


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