Love in Bundles Review,

Love in Bundles 

I’ve recently been on the hunt for some cute head bands for my daughter, and couldn’t find anything that I really liked with reasonable prices. After even trying some big name brands I didn’t find anything unique I liked, and when even when the style was cute the colors weren’t. Then i decided to look on Etsy, an online store to buy and sell unique products. Then I found a shop that had everything I was looking for. That store is known as ‘Love in Bundles‘. 

The owner is named Myra, located in Georgia. The store contains headbands, bow ties, flower crowns, matching sets, and the best part custom orders. She holds such a big variety im sure every mother will find the perfect accessory for there little girl or boy ( bow ties ). The colors go from neutrals to lovely pinks and golds. Im telling you, its a perfect store ! 

I ordered two headbands to start off, the gold leaf grecian head band and the embroidered daisy flower halo headband ( pictures down below ). I ordered on July 21, and received my package August 1. For a mother who hand makes these, I find that personally quick. Down below you’ll see pictures of how it came packaged, the headbands I received, and later on I’ll post on how I style these hand bands on my daughter Victoria ! Enjoy xo







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