Victorias Outfit,

IMG_0657 What Victoria Wore

Shirt: Carters – Skirt: Carters (Last years summer line)Hat: Old NavyShoes: Stepping Stones

Hot days call for comfy clothes, and thin layers. Nothing is more uncomfortable for me to see then kids in a million layers on hot days. So I kept Victorias outfit as simple as possible. On a recent shopping trip at Caters, I found this bright pink and silver whale print shirt which I loved and found perfect for today. I matched it with a flowy grey skirt, along with a white sun hat, rather then an hair accessories. These lovely sandals were a gift from my mother in law, they are of jelly material with a puffy ball on the tips. Victoria is growing out of her clothes so quickly, i’ve had to put clothes away twice in the past two months. Even buying a couple new things for he wardrobe. At eight months old she’s fitting into 12 months and a couple 18 month old clothes. Ugh, she grew up so quickly. But I love this motherhood journey oh so much.









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